*Bianchi’s Enoteca is available to cater your events and parties.  Talk to Romeo or Susan to discuss your needs.

                                           Bianchi’s Enoteca



arugula, shaved parmesan, extra virgin olive oil              8

with parma proscuitta                     10

bibb lettuce, shaved fennel, white balsamic, truffle oil                     8

add roasted chicken or organic tuna                                              2                                       

bibb lettuce, roasted vegetables,wild mushrooms,

shaved pecorino,white balsamic truffle oil.                      14

bresalo carpacciao with herb salad extra virgin olive oil.                   9

asparagus, procuitto di parma ,extra virgin olive oil,

balsamic glaze.                                                                                     9

duck confit, organic herb salad. white beans ,balsamic glaze.          19                                                    

small plates

castel vetrano olives 1oz                                                               5                           

marcona almonds 1oz                               5

salmon pate                                                                                           8

house made country pate                               8

white bean, black pepper, parmesan reggiano               6

wild mushroom, fresh herbs                              10

bolognese *                                                                                        9


tomato, basil                                       5

white anchovy, parmesan reggiano                       6

fresh beets, parsley pesto, truffle oil                                                    8                                       

bleu, prosciutto, honey                                               6

roasted cippolini onions, fresh herbs                       6

asparagus, procuitto di parma                               6       

fresh mozzarella, tomato                       8

bresalo with parsley pesto                       6


proscuitto di parma (italy)                        8

soppresata (italy)                              8

lomo(spain)                              8

serano ham(spain)                                              8

bresalo (italy)                              8

duck prosciutto(new york )                                               market price


* when available